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Akello Life Wellness Center

Massage: Welcome

Massage Services

Akello Life Wellness was created to focus on the spirit, mind and body; inside/out, by placing emphasis on the total wellness.  Our many services were designed with you in mind by tailoring a program for a healthier lifestyle.  Allow our qualified staff and partners to provide impeccable service while in a beautiful, tranquil and safe environment.

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The Awakening

This 2-hour session includes an Awareness Assessment to discover where you are versus your purposed place in life. Followed by a customized massage & spiritual counseling session to deepen one's awareness.


Customized Massage

A personalized massage based on the customer's body care needs. A customized combination of massage techniques is combined to unbind knotted muscles, relax your body, enlighten your mind, and rejuvenate your Spirit.

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Oil Drop Detox

This therapy combines pure essential oils onto your spine to draw out toxins while releasing stress and pain from the neck, back, and shoulders improving your overall health.  

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Heavenly Hands

From your fingertips to your elbow our special sugar scrub will exfoliate while warm towels infuse moisture into your skin. Followed by a massage to relieve stress and pain from hard-working hands. Great for carpal tunnel sufferers.

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Selestial Soles

In this treatment of tired and overworked feet, a warm foot bath with an aromatic solution, exfoliation with a sugar scrub, therapeutic massage, and moisturizer is used to improve circulation, reduce stress, and sloth off dead skin revealing softer radiant legs and feet.

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Star Gazing

Tension and pain are massaged away from your upper back, neck, scalp, and face muscles causing a harmonious concert in your dome that is sure to have you so relaxed that you feel light as a cloud floating amongst the stars

Massage: Services
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